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Water beads as Hydroponics
Most of you have probably already seen water beads and some of you may already have a tealight in it, that looks pretty and glitters great in the candlelight. There are ready-made water pearls in many colors or granules for self-swelling. water beads usesI also like to use the water pearls as hydroponics or to pull off my plants. You can also arrange cut flowers in it and it looks nice in a pretty glass. The plants always have enough water available, and when you add water, the pearls absorb it so that the plants never have wet feet. If the pearls get smaller, just add some water again, the best way is lime-free water or rainwater.
Colorful beads for children's parties and for playing Since our Waterpearls are non-toxic - but they are not suitable for consumption - the colorful pearls can also be easily put in children's hands. However, they are not suitable for children under 3 years of age because the risk of small children swallowing the pearls is too…

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